Las Kellies – “Summer Breeze”

Las Kellies – “Summer Breeze”

Las Kellies formed in Buenos Aires over 10 years ago, in 2005. They’ve become a popular act in the city, and are one of few Argentine rock bands that have broken out of Latin America and made a name for themselves in the US and Europe. If you check out their Bandcamp discography, you’ll notice that Las Kellies have been putting out a steady stream of music since their debut Shaking Dog! was released in 2007. Their forthcoming album, Friends & Lovers is due out in October by way of the British label Fire Records, and “Summer Breeze” is its first single. The song is a shoegazey bit of garage rock that sounds exactly like what its title suggests. Listen below.

Friends & Lovers is out 10/10 via Fire Records. Pre-order it here.

Las Kellies
CREDIT: Ignacio Parodi

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