Jidenna – “Little Bit More” Video

There’s still no telling when Long Live The Chief will drop, but there are going to be a few bangers on there based on what we’ve heard so far. One such song is the breezy island-kissed romp “Little Bit More.” Today, Jidenna’s given it the visual treatment. It’s fittingly shot in the Caribbean, and it’s pretty funny that he won’t even ditch the classic man three-piece suit on the white sands of the beach, though he does dress down a bit for a club party with plenty of wine and twerking. Shots of Jidenna dancing by himself are cut with wide shots of beautiful women dancing as the pristine blue water of the Caribbean crashes on the shore behind them. Man does it look refreshing on this unreasonably humid day in NYC. Check it out.

Long Live The Chief is hopefully out soon.

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