Stream Blowout No Beer, No Dad

On the first proper song of their debut LP, Blowout’s Laken Wright devolves into a series of spirited bah bah’s because she’s not entirely sure how to enunciate what she wants to say. “We’ll go on and on and on again, on and on/ You might as well say, “bah bah bah bah bah.” It’s an immensely satisfying hook but, more than that, it manages to convert feelings that are too messy and internalized to prescribe proper words into instinctual sound. A lot of No Beer, No Dad follows a similar pattern. It’s a collection of pent-up firecracker songs about youthful exuberance and loneliness and the build-up of contingencies over time, and the Portland band takes their dilemmas and translates them into energetic, razor-sharp pop-punk songs. We shared lead single “Indiana” a few months back, and now you can stream the entire album below. It’s well worth a listen.

No Beer, No Dad is out 8/5 via Lauren Records/Making New Enemies.

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