Carla dal Forno – “What You Gonna Do Now?” Video

Carla dal Forno cut her teeth on scratchy lo-fi punk in Melbourne’s Mole House, and branched out into murkier, more experimental territory with Blackest Ever Black projects F ingers and Tarcar. Under her own name, she plays with a fusion of the two, tying the pointed urgency of the first with the atmospheric tendencies of the latter. “What You Gonna Do Now?,” off her upcoming debut full-length You Know What It’s Like, is bruised and menacing, but in a practiced and performative way. It’s baring fangs when all she has are soft gums. You can sense that sensitive underbelly in earlier single “Fast Moving Cars,” which pairs an ominous Knife-esque beat with the hope of fresh attraction.

The new song is accompanied by an unsettling video (directed by Matthew Linde) of dal Forno gloomily wandering around the shadowy streets of Berlin, her new home. “To me, it’s kind of a fantasy — imagine being able to have that much control and power over someone and enact revenge,” she told The FADER of the track. “It’s not something I’d ever want, but it’s fun to mess around with that concept in a song.” Watch and listen below.

01 “Italian Cinema”
02 “Fast Moving Cars”
03 “DB Rip”
04 “What You Gonna Do Now?”
05 “Dry In The Rain”
06 “You Know What It’s Like”
07 “Dragon Breath”
08 “The Same Reply”

You Know What It’s Like is out 10/7 via Blackest Ever Black.

CREDIT: Marjin Degenaar