Forth Wanderers – “Slop”

Forth Wanderers are a five-piece from Montclair, NJ, and though their forthcoming Slop EP might be their first introduction to a wider audience, the band’s been making a name for themselves in Northeastern DIY circuits since they started in 2013. They’re a young band (lead singer Ava Trilling only just graduated high school this past June) with a bit of a reputation to uphold, but in spite of their youth, Forth Wanderers’ new single sounds a lot like the dead-end thought process of someone much, much older. “I know I’m weird/ I’ve been told/ New fears, they get old too/ They’ll get old soon,” Trilling sings, before she comes to her conclusion. “Like thinking of you/ Like breathing for two.” Listen below.

The Slop EP is out 11/11 via House Anxiety/Marathon Artists (EU) and Father/Daughter (US).