Watch Chance The Rapper’s Beautiful “Summer Friends” Performance On Good Morning America

It’s so weird and beautiful to think that Chance The Rapper appeared on motherfucking Good Morning America, but that’s exactly what happened this morning. Chance, probably the first person who ever made it onto a network-TV morning newsmagazine on the strength of what could even loosely be described as a “mixtape,” performed an absolutely shattering version of the Coloring Book song “Summer Friends,” with Francis And The Lights mastermind Francis Starlite (his just-announced Magnificent Coloring tourmate) singing and playing keyboards and Social Experiment member Peter Cottontale playing piano. Chance also did an interview segment for the show, so expect your mom to ask about him any moment now, if she hasn’t already. Below, watch both the performance and the interview below, via Pitchfork.

God bless this kid, honestly. He can make something as silly as this feel beautiful and vital. Also worth noting: Chance and Francis shared a stage at the Eaux Claires festival over the weekend.