Fucked Up’s Damian Abraham & Stereogum’s Tom Breihan Launch Wrestling Podcast

For years now, I’ve been talking with my friend Damian Abraham, the singer of Fucked Up, about doing a podcast about one of our favorite things to talk about: professional wrestling. Last week, we finally started it. Abraham and I have just launched a weekly wrestling podcast called Clobberin’ Time, in which he and I spend an hour or so dorking out about whatever’s happening in wrestling this week. We’re planning on bringing in guests from the music world, and we got a good one for the first proper episode: Matador Record co-founder Gerard Cosloy, who’s been a wrestling fan for decades and who has great stories about going to ECW shows in the ’90s. This is obviously a shameless plug, but if you like wrestling, you might feel like listening. Here’s the episode with Cosloy:

And here’s the introductory episode, in which Abraham and I set the stage for what’s going to follow:

Abraham has also been running the weekly Turned Out A Punk podcast since he launched it nearly two years ago, and it remains a great listen. Right now, you can get Clobberin’ Time episodes by subscribing to the Turned Out A Punk feed.