Chris Farren – “Human Being”

“I just wanna feel like a human being” seems like a simple enough desire on the surface, but it’s actually really, really hard to feel “normal”! Doubly so when you’re crazy in love, which is exactly the predicament that Chris Farren finds himself in on “Human Being,” the third single following “Say U Want Me” and “Still Beating” from his upcoming debut full-length, Can’t Die. His entire existence — “my blood, my bones, my skull, my skeleton, my frame, my name, my heart,” he chants — can’t help but rattle with the excitement of fresh infatuation. “If I could be around you all the time, I’d be content to just stay in every night.” But that excitement has its pitfalls, mainly stumbling and moving too much too fast: “If my skeleton didn’t hold it in, I’d fall in love with everything/ You said ‘don’t make it personal,’ but I did.” Farren channels his desire to return to some normal state where his head isn’t constantly swirling with the promise of love into an undeniably catchy power-pop anthem. Listen below.

Can’t Die is out 9/2 via SideOneDummy. Pre-order it here.

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