Lambchop – “NIV”

Lambchop are not messing around with the titles this time, by which I mean they are most definitely messing around with the titles. Their new album is called FLOTUS — which, with apologies to Michelle Obama, abbreviates For Love Often Turns Us Still — and its latest single is “NIV,” presumably a reference to the New International Version, a popular Bible translation. The Nashville chamber-pop OGs are also really going for it stylistically, ditching their traditional sound in favor of heavily rhythmic, processed synth music, as heard on last week’s 18-minute lead single “The Hustle” and again on “NIV.” Perhaps Kurt Wagner’s side project HeCTA is seeping into his main band? Peruse Lambchop’s latest translation below.

FLOTUS is out 11/4 on Merge/City Slang. Pre-order it here.

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