Swet Shop Boys – “Tiger Hologram”

Swet Shop Boys is the rap duo of Heems, the former Das Racist member, and Riz MC — better known as Riz Ahmed, the actor who plays the lead of HBO’s The Night Of. These two put out a great EP two years ago, and earlier this month, they finally announced the impending release of Cashmere, their first album as a group. They’ve already shared first single “T5,” and now they’ve also given us “Tiger Hologram,” a loose and silly party song that includes the sort of romantic talk you might hear from a barely-conscious Heems. Riz continues to impress on this; it seems unfair that he’s as good as he is at both acting and rapping. Listen to the song below.

Cashmere is out 10/14 via Swet Shop Boys’ own new imprint Customs. Pre-order it here.