Israeli Fans Sue Sia Over Short Concert With No Banter

Last week, Sia played a show at Tel Aviv’s Yarkon Park, and she did not send her fans home happy. The New York Daily News reports that a group of ticket-buyers have teamed up to file a class action suit against Sia. (Specifically, the New York Daily News reports that these fans are “wigging out” with disappointment — well played, New York Daily News.)

Sia’s performance reportedly lasted a mere 65 minutes, and she stayed at the back of the stage, stood still, and gave absolutely no stage banter. (You’d think Sia fans would know that’s her deal by now, though!) Some fans who couldn’t see what was going on tried watching the screens on the sides of the stage, but those screens showed prerecorded video of Sia and Kristen Wiig, not the performance as it was happening. The tickets cost the equivalent of $91.

That sounds like a pretty shitty show! But if you’re so mad over a subpar show that you’re willing to sue to get your money back, that tells me that you don’t go out to shows all that often. Bad shows happen. It’s part of the deal. You suck it up and hope for something transcendent the next time.

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