Watch Dennis Rodman Join Pearl Jam In Chicago And Hold Eddie Vedder In His Arms

Former Chicago Bulls basketball hero Dennis Rodman has been a massive Pearl Jam fan for decades. Even when he was still an active player, he’d often show up onstage at Pearl Jam shows, sometimes hoisting Eddie Vedder up on his shoulders. Last night, Pearl Jam played a massive show at Chicago’s Wrigley Field. They played 36 songs, covering the Beatles and Neil Young and Cheap Trick. And during a performance of the old B-side “Black, Red, Yellow,” Rodman joined the band onstage to say a few words and to hold Vedder up in the air. He made Eddie Vedder look like a tiny bearded baby. It was impressive. Watch a fan-made video below.

How often do you think Rodman played PJ in the Bulls locker room? Do you think he tried to convince Horace Grant or Toni Kukoc or Luc Longley of their greatness?