Watch Blood Orange’s Expressive, Powerful Conan Performance

It’s amazing that Blood Orange doesn’t appear on late-night TV more often. There are very few musicians out there, in the indie sphere or outside of it, who have a better understanding of how to create a moment. That’s what Dev Hynes did last night, when he was the musical guest on Conan. Sitting shirtless at a grand piano and flanked by two dancers, on a stage lit dramatically enough to be an ’80s music video set, he sang “Augustine,” the single from his new album Freetown Sound. (For a while, he was doing Terence Trent D’Arby-esque interpretive dancing with one hand while playing piano with the other, and it was just impressive.) Then, he stood up with the piano and transitioned from that into a short, solemn rendition of “Thank You.” It’s a truly expressive, powerful performance, and you can watch it below.

I will be the musical guest on Conan O' Brien tonight. Tune in. This is for all of you. 🌹

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Freetown Sound is out now on Domino.