New Sleigh Bells Album Jessica Rabbit Out In November

Sleigh Bells have released two songs this summer — “Rule Number One” and “Hyper Dark” — and it turns out both will be included on the upcoming fourth album from the duo, which is called Jessica Rabbit (named after the Roger Rabbit character, of course) and will be released on 11/11. Per a listing from Deezer (via ATRL), the album will contain 14 tracks (though not “Champions Of Unrestricted Beauty,” which came out last winter) — that’s the album artwork by painter Brian Montuori above, and you can see the tracklist below.

01 “It’s Just Us Now”
02 “Torn Clean”
03 “Lightning Turns Sawdust Gold”
04 “I Can’t Stand You Anymore”
05 “Crucible”
06 “Loyal For”
07 “I Can Only Stare”
08 “Throw Me Down The Stairs”
09 “Unlimited Dark Paths”
10 “I Know Not To Count On You”
11 “Rule Number One”
12 “Baptism By Fire”
13 “Hyper Dark”
14 “As If”

Here’s the two tracks we’ve heard so far:

Conveniently timed right around the Demi Lovato lawsuit! Savvy!

Jessica Rabbit is out 11/11.

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