Leave Lorde Alone

Lorde is still hard at work on the follow-up to her 2013 debut Pure Heroine. Recently, she’s been seen on Snapchat in the studio with Jack Antonoff, but some fans are getting a little impatient. As the BBC points out, one particularly aggressive fan accosted the pop star on Instagram, asking “Do you think we will ever get another album or should we just give up on you as an artist?” To which Lorde replied:

give up on me if you want to! I’m an artist, I write a record when I have enough special stories to tell, and it’s all me, every melody every lyric, not some team who just start the machine up every eighteen months like clockwork. the record is written, we’re in the production stages now. I’ve worked like a dog for a year making this thing great for you guys 🌞

There’s been a whole trend of pop “fans” ambushing artists on social media recently. Justin Bieber was forced off of Instagram, Normani from Fifth Harmony was driven off Twitter…leave Lorde alone!

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