Watch Prophets Of Rage Cover “Kick Out the Jams” With Dave Grohl In Toronto

Prophets Of Rage — the new Rage Against The Machine offshoot that features all three non-Zack De La Rocha members, paired with Chuck D and B-Real — are on tour right now, hitting the finest outdoor sheds in North America. And last night, they brought their fearsome nostalgia to Toronto’s Molson Canadian Amphitheatre. And near the end of their show, they brought out fellow ’90s alt-rock survivor Dave Grohl to cover the MC5’s deathless 1969 shit-starter anthem “Kick Out The Jams.” Grohl sang and played guitar — not drums, sadly — on the cover. He also threw up a Black Power fist for Instagram, which is I guess is just what you do when you’re in the presence of Chuck D and someone points a camera at you. I liked B-Real telling Grohl, before the song started, that “it’s rock and roll time,” as if Grohl doesn’t spend his entire life believing that it’s rock and roll time all the time. You can watch the entire show below; Grohl’s appearance starts around the 2:02:50 mark.

The new Prophets Of Rage EP The Party’s Over is out tomorrow on Caroline.