Slow Mass – “Bruce Lee”

When we named Chicago rockers Slow Mass a Band To Watch last week, they offered some background on”Bruce Lee,” a song from their upcoming Treasure Pains EP. Now that the track is out in the world, let’s revisit the explainer from vocalist Dave Collis:

A lot of the stuff that I write takes two different stories and blends them together to create its own narrative that borrows different elements. I saw this short documentary about… I guess it’s in Czechoslovakia? There’s this weird pseudo-homeless population that lives underground in the sewers that are run by a gang lord drug dealer who calls himself Bruce Lee. These people are the rejects of the society, but his role is sort of like a keeper to them, but he’s also selling them heroin. So they’re extremely dependent on him and crippled by him, and they don’t have a chance to get out of this awful situation. And the second element is based off… I was dating this girl at the time I was writing the song and she was telling me stories about being followed or stalked while living in Chicago. So the exterior element is the idea of feeling unsafe in a city, especially when you’re not a straight white dude.

Hear “Bruce Lee” below.

Treasure Pains is out 9/9 digitally and 9/26 on vinyl via LandLand. Pre-order it here.

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