Die Antwoord – “Banana Brain” Video

The endlessly schticky South African rave-rap pranksters Die Antwoord are about to extend their one joke even further with a new album called Mount Ninji And Da Nice Time Kid. And today, they’ve blessed us with a new video for “Banana Brain,” the album’s first single. It’s exactly the sort of over-the-top violent and absurdist vision that this group has been bringing for years. Ninja carries a candy-colored uzi and wears fake legs like the sprinter/murderer Oscar Pistorius. Yo-Landi Vi$$er forces her parents to overdose before the song even starts. If you’re halfway familiar with this group, none of this will be shocking or even surprising, but they’ve still got the visual flair to pull this goofy bullshit off after all these years. Ninja co-directed the video with Terence Neale, and you can watch it below.

Mount Ninji And Da Nice Time Kid is out 9/16. Pre-order it here.