Slaughter Beach, Dog – “Forever”

Slaughter Beach, Dog is the solo project of Modern Baseball’s Jake Ewald. A few weeks ago, he shared the lead single, “Monsters,” off his upcoming debut full-length under the name, and today we’re getting another one called “Forever.” Ewald writes all of the project’s songs from the perspective of fictional characters in the titular town of Slaughter Beach, and “Forever” names off a group of sisters who are intertwined with its narrator, who seems to have been left by a girl name Chelsea and can’t cope with the feeling of being alone. “Fall behind, read my mind, make your interests mine in time,” Ewald laundry lists the symptoms of impressionable infatuation, but his character can’t seem to separate sex from intimacy: “We all have needs and mine will help me fall asleep,” he sings. “I turn the blinds so we don’t see ourselves this time.” Listen via American Songwriter below.

Welcome is out 9/30 via Lame-O Records.