Merchandise – “Lonesome Sound” Video

All those September album release dates are suddenly imminent, including the 9/23 arrival of Merchandise’s A Corpse Wired For Sound. Following “Flower Of Sex” and “End Of The Week,” the Florida post-punk band has shared a third advance track from the LP, and like those tracks it’s paired with a video by frontman Carson Cox.

“Lonesome Sound” is one of the most glorious representations of the band’s ’80s-inspired aesthetic, a hard-charging melodic burner slathered in dense guitar noise. It’s similar to the sounds Daughn Gibson has been dredging up, darkly synthetic rock music for surreal truckstops after midnight.

The video is inspired by the likes of Kenneth Anger and Maya Deren; Cox explains that it’s “meant to be a more mythical or classical representation of the lyrics. The Woman as Goddess and the Man as her vessel. It is not my intention to tell a story but to play with reality and fiction in search of a sort of ambiguity that more reflects my personal experience. There’s no happy ending here, but there is a light show.”


A Corpse Wired For Sound is out 9/23 on 4AD. Pre-order it here.