Red Hot Chili Peppers – “Go Robot” Video

Are you ready for some forced wackiness? Are you ready for some real forced wackiness? The new Red Hot Chili Peppers video — for “Go Robot,” a song from their newish album The Getaway — is a parody of the classic New York disco drama Saturday Night Fever. The band and director Thoranna Sigurdardottir shot the video in the Brooklyn neighborhood of Bay Ridge, using many of the same locations as the movie. But instead of John Travolta as iconic disco stud Tony Manero, this video has Anthony Kiedis as a naked disco mime. The white-painted Kiedis wears nothing more than a bowler hat, gloves, and a codpiece in the clip, and it tells the story of his search for love. The other Chili Peppers play disco scumbags, and you have probably already decided whether you’re into this or not. Check it out below.

The Getaway is out now on Warner Bros.