Melkbelly – “Mount Kool Kid”

Melkbelly – “Mount Kool Kid”

Melkbelly have been kicking around the underground Chicago scene for a few years now. In 2014, they released their debut EP, Pennsylvania, which placed introspective folk songs like the sagging “Death Dust” next to thrashing, aggressive cuts like “Doomspringa” or the jammy 8-minute closer “Scrupulous.” Since then, they’ve tended towards the noisier side of the equation, from last year’s barbed Bathroom At The Beach 7″ to this past summer’s “Mount Cool Kid” b/w “Elk Mountain” 7″. The A-side to that last one has just seen a digital release, and it could be the best song in Melkbelly’s short discography so far. It’s a gnarled, twisted menace that gradually builds into a pulverizing interlocking rhythm. Vocalist Miranda Winters’ sneer ascends and descends with the instrumentation as she expresses contempt for all the ones who feel like they’ve made it to the summit of Mount Kool Kid. It’s seriously great, and you should listen below.

And here’s its B-side, “Elk Mountain”:

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