Watch Kendrick Lamar Impersonate Lil Wayne, Tell Wayne Not To Retire

Last week, Lil Wayne tweeted that he’s feeling “DEFENSELESS AND mentally DEFEATED” and that he’s “dun,” and a whole lot of people have read that as a message that Wayne is quitting rap. Since he tweeted that, many of Wayne’s rap peers (including recent adversary Young Thug) have stepped forward to voice their support of Wayne. And now Kendrick Lamar, inheritor of Wayne’s greatest-rapper-alive mantle, has sent Wayne a video message from the studio. In the message, we seen Kendrick rapping along with a whole lot of early Wayne records — the stuff he was doing as a teenager on Cash Money, before he even had a reputation as a great rapper — and doing his best to replicate Wayne’s singular voice. He also talks about watching Wayne knock out 10 guest verses in a row and implores the man not to retire. Watch it below, via Miss Info.

This is really all the evidence you need that Wayne is his generation’s most influential rapper.