Turnstile – “Move Thru Me” / “Fuck Me Blind” (Give Cover)

Baltimore face-wreckers Turnstile might be the single biggest DIY hardcore band in the country, and they’ve now gotten too big for the DIY scene. The band has signed on with the giant metal indie Roadrunner Records. But before they get started with that label, they’ll release a new four-song, eight-minute 7″ EP on their own Pop Wig label. We’ve posted its first two songs, “Come Back For More” and “Harder On You.” And now the EP’s B-side is streaming online, as well. The EP’s title track is a heavy, incensed riff-monster. And the EP’s final track is a cover of “Fuck Me Blind,” a song from the great DC post-hardcore band Give. Turnstile’s version is fast and fiery, and it has a backing vocal from Kiley Lotz, of the Scranton band Petal. Listen to both songs from the B-side below, via NPR.

Move Thru Me is out 9/16 on Pop Wig Records. Pre-order it here.

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