Crying – “Revive”

If you thought Crying’s last single sounded like Deerhoof covering Van Halen, just wait until you hear the next one. Built from frantic guitars, humongous keyboards, and cavernous drops the size of an arena, “Revive” feels like an anthem from the first listen. Guitarist Ryan Galloway actually specifies Rush as the primary influence, explaining to NPR that the song helped Crying set the tone for their massive new album Beyond The Fleeting Gales:

I remember bringing this song to Nick [Corbo] in the summer of 2014, and we demoed it out with only guitar and drums (no synths!). It was the first song I had written after the EPs, and I was listening to a lot of big stadium rock and AOR. In terms of guitar, the use of common tones and big open chords occur throughout the piece, which is most likely from my ’80s Rush influence.

Vocalist Elaiza Santos shared some background, too:

This was one of the first songs we wrote on the album. It came to me at a time when seemingly every area of my life was shifting despite my expectations and thinking too fondly on memories without allowing room for change. It’s dangerous to keep everything precious, but I’m too sentimental, so I do it anyway.

“Revive” is a tribute to the early stages of my relationships, to this project and other special people in my life, but also a wake-up call for myself to keep up and look out for transformations instead of losses.

Prepare to be blown away.

Beyond The Fleeting Gales is out 10/14 on Run For Cover.

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