Watch Julian Casablancas Interview Henry Giroux About Government Corruption

If you ever listened to any of Julian Casablancas’ recent music — especially the Voidz’s Tyranny or this year’s Strokes EP Future Present Past — you know he embeds subtle political messages.

Casablancas also stays abreast of world events outside of music. Check the politics tag on Cult Records imprint website. He’s talked about it at length in several interviews — including one here at Stereogum — mentioning he follows the writing of activists/authors Noam Chomsky and Chris Hedges.

Another of his favorites is Henry Giroux, and he had the opportunity to sit down with Giroux in his home and ask him random questions about what’s going on in the world today via Rolling Stone. He asked some pretty good questions about if banks or nations have the most power today, how a corrupt government effects more than just the country it runs, and how media manipulation keeps us stupid. Watch below.