Jenny Hval – “Period Piece”

Jenny Hval is a genius, don’t @ me. The Norwegian experimentalist’s forthcoming LP, Blood Bitch, is an exploration of vampire lore and menstruation. When she announced the album, Hval lead us on with one provocative question: I wonder… Do vampires menstruate? “Period Piece” is a punny title for a song that narrates a trip to the gyno. “In the doctor’s office the speculum pulls me open,” Hval states over a slow, skittering drum beat. “Spacing the space.” She goes on to describe the inspection in abstract ways, referring to the blood she bleeds monthly as a work of art. “There must be some kind of art form where I can call my blood,” Hval ponders. “Don’t be afraid… it’s only blood.” Listen to “Period Piece” below and check out the videos for “Conceptual Romance” and “Female Vampire” if you haven’t already.

Blood Bitch is out 9/30 via Sacred Bones.

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