Weezer Turned Down Chainsmokers At Coachella But Wanna Work With Them Now

The Chainsmokers have been all over the charts and their rise has been very quick. They pretty much have their choice of whoever they want to work with now, even those who passed them down before. For instance, Weezer circled back around after declining a cameo in Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart’s Coachella set earlier this year. In an interview with Billboard, the duo explains:

“They were like, ‘Yo! We should do a track together,’ and I’m like, ‘Oh, really?’ ” says Pall. “I can’t blame somebody for saying no early on, but it depends on how you said no and how you came back to us. If you own it, like, ‘I didn’t see the vision, but it’s clear now and it’s super sick,’ I get that. It feels good when those people are like…” Taggart finishes the thought: “Thirsty.”

Other thirsty suitors according to the article include Linkin Park, Big Sean, and Dua Lipa. And we know Chainsmokers have also been working with Coldplay’s Chris Martin because they shared this studio footage earlier this week:

Where these songs will end up is unclear. Pall and Taggart have said they’ll only make an album if fans demand it.