Watch Jeff Tweedy Play Hashtag Wars On @Midnight

Wilco just dropped their latest album Shmilco last week. Continuing the promo run for the album, Jeff Tweedy was a guest on Comedy Central’s @Midnight With Chris Hardwick, and he participated in the recurring #hashtagwars game. The theme this time around was #onewordoffsongs in which contestants change one word of the title of the song to make a joke. Tweedy was joined by Jen Kirkman and David Koechner, and Kirkman kicked off they game by turning Wilco’s “I Am Trying To Break Your Heart” into “I Am Trying To Break Your Fart.” Yeah, corny, but also lighthearted fun. Tweedy had a couple nice flips with and “Sweet Home Williamsburg” and “Devil Went Down To Hooters.” Watch the full segment below.

Shmilco is out now.