Stream Flock Of Dimes If You See Me, Say Yes

If you love Wye Oak — and you should really love Wye Oak — the primary reason why is Jenn Wasner, whose voice manages to be both titanic and inviting at the same time, and who has a way of lending grandeur to indie rock songs that would not sound even remotely comparable coming from any other human being. So you will be pleased to learn, if you don’t already know, that Wasner has something else going. For a few years, she’s been releasing quizzical, idiosyncratic bedroom-pop under the name Flock Of Dimes. And next week, she’ll release If You See Me, Say Yes, the first-ever full-length Flock Of Dimes album. We’ve already posted her songs “Semaphore” and “Everything Is Happening Today.” And right now, you can stream the entire squelchy, giddy LP below, via NPR.

If You See Me, Say Yes is out 9/23 on Partisan.