Watch Jonathan Rhys Meyers As Joe Strummer In The London Town Trailer

Jonathan Rhys Meyers played a fictional version of David Bowie in Todd Haynes’ great 1998 movie Velvet Goldmine, and now he’ll take another crack at playing a beloved British rock star. In the new movie London Town, Meyers plays the Clash frontman Joe Strummer. It’s not a Clash biopic, though. Rather it’s the story of a kid who discovers punk rock in 1979 and who falls in love with the Clash. It might also be the style of a kid who switches his entire personal identity up to impress a girl. Been there, buddy. Impressively enough, Rhys Meyers appears to make a pretty convincing Strummer, even though he’s 12 years older than Strummer was in 1979. Check out a trailer below.

London Town comes to theaters and video on demand 10/7.