Watch Sting Pay Tribute To Prince And David Bowie With New Song “50,000”

Sting will release his first traditional pop record in 13 years this November called 57th & 9th. In a previous interview with Rolling Stone, we found out one of the album’s tracks, “50,000,” was written the week of Prince’s death with other late rock stars in mind too: David Bowie, Glenn Frey, and Lemmy. “It’s really a comment on how shocked we all are when one of our cultural icons dies,” he says. “So when they die, we have to question our own immortality. Even I, as a rock star, have to question my own. And the sort of bittersweet realization that hubris doesn’t mean anything in the end.” Watch last night’s performance of “50,000” on Jools Holland.

57th & 9th is out 11/11 on A&M.