Hear Wiz Khalifa Rap Over The Stranger Things Theme

In putting together the music for the Netflix TV show Stranger Things, Kyle Dixon and Michael Stein, members of the Austin instrumental synth-rock band S U R V I V E, gave a neat homage to the synthetic, evocative sci-fi scores of the ’80s. That music has quietly been a huge rap influence for years, and now it only makes sense to hear Wiz Khalifa rapping over a version of Dixon and Stein’s Stranger Things theme. On the new track “Stranger Things,” Wiz and guest-rapper J.R. Donato wax philosophical about how they’re turning into strangers over those keyboard pulsations, and it makes for a weirdly natural fit. Listen below.

This feels late and early at the same time. Stranger Things has already gone through something like four different internet hype/backlash cycles, and yet Wiz is, as far as we know, the first rapper to use that theme.