Chocolate Droppa – “Baller Alert” (Feat. Migos & T.I.)

Kevin Hart teased an album from his rap alter Chocolate Droppa last month after years of jokingly battling artists like Lil Wayne and T-Pain under the alias. Today, we learn that it’s in fact a mixtape entitled What Now? (The Mixtape) and Chocolate Droppa has a “hosted by” credit. The tape seems like it will feature some good artists, and will be released in tandem with Hart’s new standup feature film What Now? next month. The lead single is “Baller Alert” featuring ATLiens Migos and T.I. It’s essentially just a good Migos song with T.I. trying Migos’ flow on for size, and Droppa sandwiches it with doofy DJ tags, ad libs, and banter. Lex Luger is responsible for the dark, synth-soaked trap beat. Thankfully, Hart isn’t actually rapping on this one, because this is a stellar song. Listen.

What Now? (The Mixtape) is out along with What Now? the film on 10/14. Check out the trailer with snippets from the tape here.