Watch A Teaser For Moby’s New Album These Systems Are Failing

Moby has lately been working on music with a mysterious new project called the Void Pacific Choir, putting out new songs one cryptic video at a time: “The Light Is Clear In My Eyes,” “Almost Loved,” “Don’t Leave Me.” And now it looks like he’s finally about to make an album, which looks like it’ll also be credited to Moby & The Void Pacific Choir. Moby has just shared a trailer that features him dragging a microphone through Los Angeles streets and then into a forest, and it also features a frantic montage of things wrong in the world today, one that includes both Ted Cruz and Jerry Springer. There are three songs that play into the video, and they all sound like extremely processed and damaged punk-influenced rock. Shazam tells me that the new songs are called “Hey! Hey!,” “Erupt And Matter,” and “Are You Lost In The World Like Me?” Check it out below.

These Systems Are Failing is coming some unspecified time, but “soon.”