iHeartMedia Reportedly Launching Streaming Service

It looks like the terrestrial radio company iHeartMedia will introduce a paid streaming service in the near future, according to the New York Post. The subscription will be sold in two packages: The first is $5 per month ad-free radio, not unlike the service Pandora rolled out last week or the one Amazon is reportedly planning. The second is a $10 per month on-demand streaming service along the lines of Tidal, Apple Music, and Spotify Premium.

The company already made headway in the digital realm with its iHeartRadio app, which allows users to stream about 850 terrestrial stations from across the country. But as the Post notes, the new subscription service marks a significant step forward: “By jumping into the paid streaming game, iHeart will get a toehold in the lucrative subscription business and a direct credit card relationship with its listeners.” The new service is supposedly close to being announced, but iHeartRadio is still securing the licensing it needs to launch.

Seems as if everyone and their mom’s dad’s dog’s cousin needs a streaming service now!

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