House Of Feelings – “Avatar” (Feat. Meredith Graves)

House Of Feelings is an occasional dance party and recurring radio show in New York City; in its recorded form, it’s the musical project of Joe Fassler, Matty Fasano (who also releases music under his last name), and friends. “Avatar,” the Brooklyn-based collective’s new single, features Meredith Graves on vocals and was produced by Yvette’s Dale Eisinger, and it’s completely intoxicating. Whereas dance music typically offers a form of escape from the monotony of the daily grind, “Avatar” fully subsumes it. Graves sings of the struggles of keeping up with a 9-to-5, tapping into the sort of alluring detachment that makes for the best house tracks. A saxophone weaves itself around the beat and is eventually joined by a laser beam squawk, leading into a spoken word breakdown that’s to die for. It’s an endlessly inventive track, and you should listen to it below.

“Avatar” is out now.