Tommy Stinson Reforms Bash & Pop, Signs To Fat Possum

After the Replacements’ first break-up in 1991, bassist Tommy Stinson formed Bash & Pop and released one album, 1993’s Friday Night Is Killing Me. In the years since, he’s put out two solo albums under his own name — 2004’s Village Gorilla Head and 2011’s One Man Mutiny — and is now returning to the Bash & Pop project after a 22-year-long absence. Following the Replacements’ reunion tour last year, Stinson decided that he would go back in the studio to record a new Bash & Pop album, due out in 2017. It will be released via Fat Possum Records, and fans can pre-order the record on PledgeMusic. Here’s a long note from Stinson about the new iteration of the band:

Howdy my peeps!

You’re hearing it here first: A new Bash & Pop record is coming! Yep, that’s right! No shit! Since recording my last two solo records in a rather piecemeal way, I found myself longing to make a record in the same way that we made the early Replacements records: live, in the studio, as a band. The last record I really did that on was called Friday Night Is Killing Me.

What’s the difference you say? Allow me to explain.

Whether I’m wearing my artist or producer hat, I will forever lust after the capture of lightning in a bottle, no matter how incomprehensible or daunting it may seem. Since early 2015 I’ve been recording new songs with new and old friends, cutting all of them as live as possible without losing too much fidelity nor over-thinking the songs.

Recording live with a band is the only way I know this to be done. As the life of this project developed, the elements of what make a band a BAND started to appear: The spontaneity, the solidarity, the piss, the vinegar, the good times and the angst. These are all of the things that I think make for a great rock n’ roll record; like a car careening helplessly off the road, only to be spared catastrophe at the very last second.

A majority of the people I played these tracks for said it reminded them of the Bash & Pop record. Alas, there you have it. A new Bash & Pop record coming soon!

Here’s a list of my friends that I have to thank for helping to shape the new album:

Chip Roberts (one-400’s)
Steve “Sleeve” Selvidge (The Hold Steady, Big Ass Truck)
Luther Dickinson (North Mississippi All-Stars, The Word)
Frank Ferrer (Guns N’ Roses)
Joe “The Kid” Sirois (The Mighty Mighty BossToneS, Roll The Tanks)
Cat Popper (Jack White, Ryan Adams & The Cardinals, Jesse Malin, Winning Instagram)
Justin “Carl” Perkins (Screeching Weasel, Obsoletes)
Tony “Tone Tone” Kieraldo (Played at The White House twice!)
Ryder Cooley

I’m happy to announce my partnerships with Fat Possum Records and PledgeMusic to help bring “Anything Could Happen” to you.

By pre-ordering the record via PledgeMusic, you’ll become a part of the process of making of this record. Not only will you have the opportunity to buy the new record in whichever format is best suited for your listening pleasure, but you can also purchase one-of-a-kind items, merchandise and experiences only available here for a limited time! You’ll be able to purchase everything from high quality vinyl, cassettes, CD’s and MP3’s to instruments, lyric sheets, posters, framed photographs, and so much more. You can see our first show as Bash & Pop at the historic 7th Street Entry in Minneapolis, and I could even crash your wedding and flaunt my ordained status to officiate it!

As an added bonus, a portion of the proceeds of this campaign will benefit the Timkatec trade schools in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. As you may know, there is still a dire need for us to help these great young people learn how to rebuild their fractured nation. They desperately need any help that any of us can give, no matter the monetary amount. I chose this school after visiting their graduation in 2011 and seeing for myself what a big part of the long-term solution it is for the people and infrastructure of Haiti.

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Bash & Pop’s Friday Night Is Killing Me is also being released on vinyl for the first time ever this January via Sire/Reprise.