L’Orange & Mr. Lif – “Palace In The Sky”

Criminally slept-on producer L’Orange and MC Mr. Lif are set to drop their collab LP The Life And Death Of Scenery next month. We’ve already heard the boom-bap banger “Strange Technology,” and today they return with another one in “Palace In The Sky” via Mass Appeal. L’Orange provides a triumphant, piano-driven, choir-sampling canvas for Lif to paint a vivid picture. His story of a tyrant’s demise doubles as an extended metaphor for how one’s actions can come back to bite them in the ass. There’s a lot going on in his verses, but Lif summed it up nicely: “Don’t be a dick. Karma takes notes.” Listen to the knowledge drop below.

The Life And Death Of Scenery is out digitally 10/7 on Adult Swim and physically on 10/14 via Mello Music Group.

Tags: L'Orange, Mr. Lif