Kevin Abstract – “Empty” Video

Brockhampton’s frontman Kevin Abstract has released a new song and visual “Empty,” which at first reveals solely Abstract’s eyes fluttering, fading in and out of reality before the viewer realizes he’s getting what seems to be some of the best head of his life. Nostalgic images of desolate suburbia seem bright and awake compared to the storyline’s comical disruption of the cliched American sweetheart romance between a football jock and a feathered-haired beauty. A farting tuba and childish piano riffs converse among a collection of symphonic embellishment that highlight the fatigued bars of Abstract: “I hate my yearbook photo/ I hate my last name/ I hate everything it stands for/ I should probably transfer.”

“Empty” precedes Abstract’s sophomore LP American Boyfriend: A Suburban Love Story. The stunning video was self-directed by Abstract with the plot and concept created by Michael Uzowuru (producer of “Nights” from Frank Ocean’s Blonde). Watch the video below.