Garth Brooks Breaks The Record For Most Diamond Albums

They’re just handing out the diamond certifications like candy these days, aren’t they? Whenever an album pulls off the exceedingly rare feat of selling 10 million copies, the RIAA awards it the diamond certification. Yesterday, we learned that Adele’s 2015 LP 25 had pulled off the feat in less than a year. And earlier this year, Nelly’s 2000 debut Country Grammar finally earned the honor. But both of those artists are, in terms of pure sales histories, small potatoes compared to one Troyal Garth Brooks.

Today, Billboard reports that Garth Brooks’ 2007 career-spanning compilation The Ultimate Hits has gone diamond. That means the compilation joins No Fences, Garth Brooks, Double Live, Sevens, The Hit, and Ropin’ The Wind as Brooks’ seventh diamond album.

Previously, Brooks, the biggest-selling solo artist in American pop-music history, was tied with the Beatles as the artist with the most diamond certifications. But the Beatles have a mere, pathetic six diamond albums, and Brooks has now shattered the record that they previously shared. That means you live in a world where, in actual quantifiable terms, Garth Brooks is more popular than the Beatles. Happy Wednesday.

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