Parcels – “Myenemy”

Young Australian funk-pop quintet Parcels make some incessantly groovy tunes. They’ve only released a pair of tracks this year, “Anotherclock” and “Herefore,” but both of them were irresistibly sleek and oh so funky. They’re working on their debut EP expected early next year, and the first foray into things to come is “Myenemy.”

It’s another slick, highly-danceable romp with funky guitar noodling intertwining with deep-burrowing bass, bubbling over with soulful rhythms. With all of that going on it’s easy to gloss over the lyrics, but they are slyly reflective. The song’s motif is centered on the line “I would have never thought I’d be/ My enemy” for a subtle exploration of self and inner struggle. Whether you choose to just jam to it or take it to heart, you’ll definitely be engaged. Listen.

Parcels’ debut EP is expected early next year on Kitsune.

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