Bon Iver Play Surprise Show At Berlin Hotel, Announce Newspaper Handouts In Several Cities

Today was a big day for Bon Iver. They’re about to release their new album 22, A Million, and tonight, just a few days before their non-profit collaborative performance in Berlin, Justin Vernon and co. played a secret show at the city’s Michelberger Hotel.

when music sounds exactly like you needed it to #boniver

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Based on this mysterious Instagram, fans also flocked to the intersection of S Farwell and Eau Claire St in Vernon’s Eau Claire, WI hometown today, where they were handed a commemorative newspaper filled with album-related art. Many of those same fans also headed to the Joynt, a dive bar in town where Justin Vernon’s parents first met decades ago, to hear the album on the jukebox. See some photos of the giveaway below via Reddit.

Bon Iver

Bon Iver

More giveaways in other cities are being announced now on Bon Iver’s Instagram. Here’s a list of confirmed cities that will be graced by the newspaper:

Mexico City
Los Angeles

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If Reddit is to be believed, some record stores may also be selling 22, A Million early.

UPDATE: Some more info…