Nice Try – “Glow”

Earlier this year, Bloomington, Indiana-based duo Nice Try released a self-titled tape that was as charming as it was enduring — the resilient lovelorn songs sounded great well into the summer haze, and now they’re back with an energized new track called “Glow” that will be released on flexi disc in a few days. It’s about finding your inner light when you get too complacent in the shadow of someone else, and Madeline Robinson makes that lifestyle change sound good and necessary: “It’s hard to process what you’re going through when you’re convinced your life doesn’t revolve around you,” she sings. The rousing chorus embraces change and individuality in a way that feels inspiring: “I felt light where there wasn’t any for some time/ I felt glow that was mine and only mine.” It’s a great song, and you can listen to it below.

“Glow” is out 10/5 — pre-order it on flexi disc here.

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