In Memoir Excerpt Lil Wayne Writes About His Rikers Visits From Kanye West, Diddy, Drake, & Chris Paul

Lil Wayne has a few things delayed thanks to his ongoing legal feud with Birdman and Cash Money Records, but finally one of his projects will see the light of day soon. Wayne’s jail memoir, Gone ‘Til November, is out next week after initially being announced in 2012.

The memoir features detailed, intimate stories from Weezy’s eight months on Rikers Island. We already heard murmurs about the section in which he allegedly officiates a same-sex marriage, and now actual excerpts from the memoir have surfaced at Vulture. The New Orleans rapper mostly talks about the fellow inmates he met, how prison staff and prisoners alike were starstruck by him, and how he managed to fill his days. But he also reveals that Diddy, Chris Paul, and Kanye came to visit him, and how he still managed to hop on a Drake remix as well as write and record his own material. Read excerpts below.

On Diddy’s visit:

I woke up feeling like today was going to be different for some reason. I couldn’t put my finger on it, but there seemed to be a buzz in the building. I had my morning coffee like usual and chilled in the dayroom waiting on my visit. And what a great visit it was. Diddy kept his word and visited me today. It was total chaos! Every captain in the building was down there! Even the deps and the warden! Everyone just wanted to see him. It was kind of aggravating, but it is what it is.

On the Drake remix:

Who knew that my spirit was about to be lifted through the roof! Tez was like, “We want you to be on Drake’s remix.” I was like, “How?” And he was like, “We’re going to do it over the phone.” I’m like, “Shit … I don’t have anything else better to do up in this bitch, so let’s go!” After I finished running it, I was kinda nervous on how it was going to be received. This was the first time that I haven’t been in the studio to hear the playback before a song goes out.

I can’t front, I’m really bugging out knowing that I can record a song AND it would be on the radio and everything. My main thought is, Damn … if I can do this, I’m about to go to the studio every night. I told Tez to have the mic on standby from here on out.

On Diddy, CP3, and ‘Ye visiting:

I have to give props where props are due … big shout-out to Diddy, Chris Paul, and Kanye for coming to see me, especially with their schedules. I know that they had to go through some extra shit, because you just can’t walk in this bitch and say, “I want to see Dwayne Carter.”

Gone ‘Til November: A Journal Of Rikers Island is out 10/11 via Plume.