Communist Daughter – “Balboa Bridge”

“Balboa Bridge,” the latest single from Communist Daughter’s upcoming album The Cracks That Built The Wall, is soothing on a surface level, like latter-day Yo La Tengo covering a gentle old folk song. But as frontman John Solomon explains, the subject matter is much deeper and darker:

There’s this gorgeous park in the middle of San Diego, and there’s a bridge right in the middle of it that runs over the highway. My mom told me that when she was younger, they used to call that suicide bridge. I remember the times when I was thinking of that option, and how far away that bridge was from me, All I could think about was that it was this place, so far away from that basement in Wisconsin where I was getting high, it was this magical place in my mind where I wouldn’t feel the way I did anymore.

The new album follows a stint in rehab and a mental illness diagnosis for Solomon, who now serves on the board of Dissonance, an organization that works to destigmatize mental health issues in the creative arts. With any luck, “Balboa Bridge” will be therapeutic for someone else out there struggling. Listen below.


01 “Hold Back”
02 “Strange”
03 “Beach Stalker”
04 “Roll A Stone”
05 “Keep Moving”
06 “BB Gun”
07 “The Dealer”
08 “Balboa Bridge”
09 “All Lit Up”
10 “The Killing Time”
11 “Sunday Morning Again”

The Cracks That Built The Wall is out 10/21. Pre-order it here.