Crystal Fairy – “Drugs On The Bus”

New supergroup alert! Buzz Osborne and Dale Crover, both of whom have spent decades as the core of fuzz-rock legends the Melvins, have teamed up with Omar Rodríguez-López, the prolific At The Drive-In/Mars Volta co-leader, and Teri Gender Bender, frontwoman of Mexican garage-punks Le Butcherettes, to form a new band called Crystal Fairy. The idea came to them after Le Butcherettes toured with the Melvins and covered Bikini Kill’s “Rebel Girl” with them every night. Together, they’ve recorded a self-titled album that’ll be out early next year. And they’ve shared a titanic, sinister riff-monster of a song called “Drugs On The Bus.” It’s heavy as hell, and it’s a great introduction for a band that seems capable of great things. Listen to it and check out the album’s tracklist below.

01 “Chiseler”
02 “Drugs On The Bus”
03 “Necklace Of Divorce”
04 “Moth Tongue”
05 “Crystal Fairy”
06 “Secret Agent Rat”
07 “Under Trouble”
08 “Bent Teeth”
09 “Posesión”
10 “Sweet Self”
11 “Vampire X-Mass”

Crystal Fairy is out 2/24/17 on Ipecac.