Johanna Warren – “The Blessing And The Curse” Video

Johanna Warren’s newest album, Gemini I, came out last month by way of her newly-minted label Spirit House. The LP is the first of two “twin” albums, hence the title Gemini I. Those born under the astrological sign of Gemini tend to mediate two sides of their personality that both oppose and complement one another. The video for “The Blessing And The Curse” displays that dichotomous relationship perfectly. In the Kalaija Mallery-directed clip, Warren battles with her own reflection while describing a screwed up power dynamic. “Tie the tourniquet tight/ Bathe my eyes in angel light,” Warren sings. “I never believed a word I said was true/ I was abusing language to have power over you.” Watch below.

Genmini I is out now via Spirit House.