Hear Soundgarden’s “Rusty Cage” Studio Outtake From Badmotorfinger Reissue

Soundgarden’s Badmotorfinger turns 25 in a few days, and later this fall, the band will reissue the album in a special deluxe edition. Official details behind the edition have yet to be released, but they have shared a studio outtake of “Rusty Cage,” which you can listen to below.

The Badmotorfinger reissue is scheduled to be released on 11/18.

UPDATE: Official details of the Badmotorfinger reissue have arrived. It will arrive 11/18 via UMe/A&M Records, and it’ll come in four different formats: a seven-disc super deluxe edition, a 2xCD deluxe edition, a 2xLP special edition, and a regular old CD edition.

The limited edition seven-disc super deluxe edition consists of four CDs, two DVDs, and 1 Blu-ray Audio disc with 109 tracks total, 79 of them previously unreleased. The CDs include a remastered version of the original album, 15 previously unreleased studio outtakes plus the track “New Damage” featuring Queen’s Brian May, and the live album Live At The Paramount, which was recorded at Seattle’s Paramount Theatre on 3/6/1992. Live At The Paramount also comes on a DVD, and so does Motorvision + More: a 1992 Motorvision home video showcasing live selections from the two nights shot at the Paramount Theatre in March 1992 along with interviews from the band and friends, and 11 unreleased archival live performances from various shows and festivals in 1992. Finally, the Blu-ray Audio disc contains the original Badmotorfinger album, three b-sides, and the three official music videos from the album. Oh, and the super deluxe version also comes with a revolving Badmotorfinger icon collector’s box that features a 52-page book with a 25th anniversary silver foil Badmotorfinger icon cover, newly designed art, unreleased photos, and more.

Find the tracklist for super deluxe version below.

Super Deluxe Edition:

CD 1- Original Album Remastered
01 “Rusty Cage”
02 “Outshined”
03 “Slaves & Bulldozers”
04 “Jesus Christ Pose”
05 “Face Pollution”
06 “Somewhere”
07 “Searching With My Good Eye Closed”
08 “Room A Thousand Years Wide”
09 “Mind Riot”
10 “Drawing Flies”
11 “Holy Water”
12 “New Damage”

CD 2- Studio Outtakes – *Previously Unreleased
01 “Rusty Cage” (Studio Outtake)*
02 “Outshined” (Studio Outtake)*
03 “Slaves & Bulldozers” (Studio Outtake)*
04 “Jesus Christ Pose” (Studio Outtake)*
05 “Face Pollution” (Studio Outtake) *
06 “Somewhere” (Studio Outtake)*
07 “Searching With My Good Eye Closed” (Studio Outtake)*
08 “Room A Thousand Years Wide” (Studio Outtake)*
09 “Drawing Flies” (Studio Outtake)*
10 “Holy Water” (Studio Outtake)*
11 “Cold Bitch” (Studio Outtake)*
12 “She’s A Politician” (Studio Outtake)*
13 “Black Rain” (Studio Outtake)*
14 “Birth Ritual” (Studio Outtake)*
15 “Blind Dogs” (Studio Outtake)*
16 “New Damage” (with Brian May)

CD 3- Live At The Paramount (Part 1) – Previously Unreleased
01 “Searching With My Good Eye Closed”
02 “Hands All Over”
03 “Drawing Flies”
04 “Room A Thousand Years Wide”
05 “Gun”
06 “Flower”
07 “Little Joe”
08 “Big Dumb Sex”
09 “Face Pollution”
10 “Incessant Mace”
11 “Rusty Cage “

CD 4- Live At The Paramount (Part 2) – Previously Unreleased
01 “Outshined”
02 “Mind Riot”
03 “Beyond The Wheel”
04 “Into The Void (Sealth)”
05 “Jesus Christ Pose”
06 “Hunted Down”
07 “Somewhere”
08 “Slaves & Bulldozers”

Disc 5- Live At The Paramount DVD – Previously Unreleased

01 “Searching With My Good Eye Closed”
02 “Hands All Over”
03 “Drawing Flies”
04 “Room A Thousand Years Wide”
05 “Gun”
06 “Flower”
07 “Little Joe”
08 “Big Dumb Sex”
09 “Face Pollution”
10 “Incessant Mace”
11 “Rusty Cage”
12 “Outshined”
13 “Mind Riot”
14 “Beyond The Wheel”
15 “Into The Void (Sealth)
16 “Jesus Christ Pose”
17 “Hunted Down”
18 “Somewhere”
19 “Slaves & Bulldozers”

Disc 6- Motorvision + More DVD
01 “Searching With My Good Eye Closed”
02 “Rusty Cage”
03 “Outshined”
04 “Little Joe”
05 “Mind Riot”
06 “Room A Thousand Years Wide”
07 “Jesus Christ Pose”
08 “Slaves & Bulldozers”

Bonus Videos – *Previously Unreleased:
01 “Outshined” (Live in Dallas 4.29.92)*
02 vJesus Christ Pose” (Live in Dallas 4.29.92)*
03 “Rusty Cage” (Live at Roseland Ballroom 5.09.92)*
04 “Jesus Christ Pose” (Live at Pinkpop Festival 7.08.92)*
05 “Slaves & Bulldozers” (Live at Pinkpop Festival 7.08.92)*
06 “Slaves & Bulldozers” (Live in Seattle 7.12.92)*
07 “Face Pollution” (Live in Seattle 7.12.92)*
08 “Searching With My Good Eye Closed” (Live in Seattle 7.22.92)*
09 “Drawing Flies” (Live in Miami 8.22.92)*
10 “Cop Killer” (Live in Miami 8.22.92)*
11 “Room A Thousand Years Wide” (Live in Miami 8.22.92)*
12 “Jesus Christ Pose” (Music Video)
13 “Outshined” (Music Video)
14 “Rusty Cage” (Music Video)

Disc 7- Blu-Ray Audio 5.1 Surround Sound & Remastered Stereo – *Previously Released
01 “Rusty Cage”*
02 “Outshined”*
03 “Slaves & Bulldozers”*
04 “Jesus Christ Pose”*
05 “Face Pollution”*
06 “Somewhere”*
07 “Searching With My Good Eye Closed”*
08 “Room A Thousand Years Wide”*
09 “Mind Riot”*
10 “Drawing Flies”*
11 “Holy Water”*
12 “New Damage”*

13 “Cold Bitch”*
14 “She’s A Politician”*
15 “Birth Ritual”*

Bonus Videos
16 “Jesus Christ Pose” (Music Video)
17 “Outshined” (Music Video)
18 “Rusty Cage” (Music Video)

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