Cass McCombs – “Laughter Is The Best Medicine” Video

Cass McCombs offered up his latest album Mangy Love late this past summer. McCombs has shared some daring visuals off the album for “Medusa’s Outhouse” and the Angel Olsen-assisted “Opposite House,” but he mellows things out in the clip for “Laughter Is The Best Medicine” via Brooklyn Vegan.

The Andrew Costigan-directed video features New Orleans cult legend Reverend Goat Carson, and his cool, serene demeanor fittingly permeates. Carson talks about the healing power of smoke and prayer before shots driving through a beautiful country landscape are juxtaposed picture-in-picture style with abstract images. Here’s what Costigan had to say about the video:

I was fortunate to meet Reverend Goat Carson during a road trip to New Orleans several years ago with Cass. I was struck by his energy, humility, and intelligence throughout the time visiting with him, and we became friends. Subsequently, I helped Goat make some videos for his own music, as well as capture some of his wisdom and work in the world on camera.

When Cass asked me to make this video, I was excited. It became an opportunity to experiment with video, and try to visualize the song and some of the dialogue I’d had with Goat and Cass in a far out way. It is such a great song, with so many compelling musical moments and lyrics, I had a lot to think about and choices to make. This is what came out, and as Goat says, “it is what it is.”


Mangy Love is out now on Anti-.